WLAN & LAN Deployments

WLAN – Wireless Local Area deployments are increasingly complex, where customers would like wider coverage, mobility, convenience and ability to connect multiple IT hardware and devices. We ensure that all WLAN installation areas are thoroughly surveyed, designed, evaluated, installed. Security concerns and signal strength issues are addressed. The deployed hardware devices are manufactured by world class manufacturers with warranties.

We are cognizant of the fact that WLAN installations are not only complex these days, but are installed in radio-frequency-rich environments, where a slight misadjustment would lead to an under-performing network versus a data delivering dynamo, and so we strive to deliver ‘precision-driven’ installation. We have engaged in wide number of WLAN installations at farms, hotels, lodges, campsites, mining & exploration site, petrol stations and multistory offices.

LAN – Local Area Networks remain the core and integral part of SME offices countrywide. Our focus remains the same as WLAN deployments effectively following steps of survey, design, evaluation and installation. The client’s premises aesthetics and décor are important and so all structured cabling is neatly done along with proper secure storage of hardware with points properly labelled.

All our installations are fully supported 24/7 and checked and maintained on regular basis, while we fully understand that LAN and WLAN installations are not static and more devices are added or changes as the SMEs grow. Our design caters for scalability.


Business Technology Consulting

A wise man once said “It’s Important to know what you don’t know”, we strive to advise your Business Technology both formal and informally. We love to engage with our clients to develop a sound IT strategy for their business as it is grows and help undertake risk assessments, technology needs assessment, data accessibility and business continuity should things go wrong. Sound IT strategy does not only have a positive impact on your business, but also instills a culture of innovation through IT in your company. We engage with our associates and partners where more specialized advice need arises.


CCTV & Security Hardware Installations

CCTV technologies have improved in recent years, yet the complexity remains. A plethora of cameras, hardware devices, digital and analogue technologies, storage devices and related equipment exist in the market along and of varying quality. Furthermore, this in turn must all be linked to the SMEs monitoring, security and accessibility requirements. We understand this and we propose bespoke system suitable for your requirement.

We also understand that not only not two sites are the same, but also that security requirements within the site vary. Our CCTV solutions are therefore thoroughly customized. Where necessary we go a step further to engage your security company, as to us ‘physical’ and digital security deployments are integral.

The improved technologies of IP driven CCTV cameras lead allows ease of remote monitoring from anywhere with good internet connectivity. Whether you want a simple camera system to full CCTV system which is constantly monitored and integrated with intruder alarm and access control systems, we can assist your SME.


Billing Solutions

Our billing solutions are intended to provide Internet Billing solutions to Hospitality Industry and Campus Environments, such as, hospitals, schools, colleges, airports, cafes and sports facilities. While most customers at hotel expect free internet, the “free” nature is often abused and genuine use for customers is often compromised by few who use high bandwidth downloads. The overall network is then compromised.

Our billing solutions are designed to allow our customers manage their wired and wireless internet accessibility better whilst ensuring optimum bandwidth management. We can provide various iterations for billing such as time based, usage based, combination of time and usage, limited time free access, bandwidth limits. We can also provide options to block certain protocols that are bandwidth heavy.


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Altech Limited is Tanzanian Based company Incorporated in 2010. The company engaged primarily in sales of Computers and IT hardware, and has recently diversified in IT support and provisioning of full range of IT products and services to Small Medium Enterprises (SMES) across Tanzania.

Our team boasts combined IT and Communications industry of over 50 years. We primarily focus on Small Medium Enterprises and assist them in the current 'converged' environment where IT and Communications are not only interdependent, but increasingly integrated. We also understand that technology changes so fast, it is therefore important to assist our customers to make decisions that gives them the best value for money over a duration. We ensure that our solutions are not only customized for each client, but will be supported fully after sales and installation.

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